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Momusic The Studio... Based in South Florida, Momusic The Studio welcomes you to the home of Soulful Hip Hop and Rhythm & Blues. Momusic boasts a roster of upcoming, successful, and multi-talented artists that hail from a range of ethnic backgrounds. Momusic brings a style of Hip Hop and R&B that will intrigue the masses with a unique sound. This sound, mixed with a sensuous touch of Jazz and an island flavor of Reggae, is sure to gain mass appeal. In the melting pot of South Florida, Momusic, the multi-ethnic influenced label, has added a refreshing and exciting twist to the world of music.


Momusic The Studio... Apart from providing many reasonable services and music packages, Momusic also provides the option of consulting an artist on the business and artistic aspect of music. Momusic has vowed to educate any artist wanting to know of the necessary steps in constantly moving forward with their music. On the business side, an artist will be educated on starting a label and the benefits of having one. On the creative side, buying the right gear that will work for a start up company or home studio, from production to presentation, these are just a few of the topics that we discussed.


JOHN MOISE. When you hear the name, what comes to mind? His entourage and closer friends would tell you like this, "He's soulful, talented, and eclectic, the artist, the poet and musician, skills and tradesmen, a hard worker, the designer of anything imaginative, renaissance man, a good man, honest and loyal, helpful, the vegan, an inspiration, down to earth, very spiritual", but nothing sums it up more than he is just being john.

John Moise was born August 4, 1980, on The Nature Island, Dominica. The second son to his mother, Ruth Moise, John was raised by his grandmother until the age of seven before moving to the US Virgin Islands to live with his mother. John lived with his mother for eight years, thereafter moving out on his own at the age of sixteen, reasoning that he felt neglected at home and there was a growing lack of communication in his relationship with his mother, especially pertaining to his father's absence.

John spent most of his childhood taking care of his younger brother and sister and matured quickly for his age, being out on his own with a handful of responsibilities, being prepared wasn't an option; At the age of 16 managing work to pay the bills and remaining in school, while his friends were dropping out, Moise took education seriously and completed high school. He went on to college and graduated from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, where he earned a degree in The Arts.

If there is one thing to know about Moise, it's that he is always doing something, whether it's freelancing for extra money, working at home for his own design company, or just thinking of news ideas. Moise is always on the move.

Moise has always enjoyed music and knew someday he will somehow be involved with the craft, but January 19, 2003 marked a turning point in his life. His friend and music partner, (Jason Roberts), was murdered. It was then, he decided to pursue music more seriously and embrace all ideas that were only in their beginning stages. He kept moving forward and further developed his Studio, Momusic The Studio.

Momusic The Studio developed from Moise search for music that could unite people. Moise will be the first to say it, "To me music is not about competition". And to that, it is seen in his work. When you listen to Moise's music, one can quickly hear the distinction from the commercial R&B that is out there.

Momusic The Studio brings to the music world soulful, creative and inspirational lyrics. Moise's voice echoes a vibe of reggae, with a twist of R&B and jazz. His talent exceeds the exception. Not only does he write, sing, and rap his own lyrics, he also produces his own music.


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